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Indian Fragility Fracture Network, IFFN

We are delighted to welcome your attention on the rostrum of fragility fracture network of India. Our primary motto is to provide such patients a high quality of care, cure and assurance. With the fact that increasing life expectancy among population in a tropical country like India is leading towards more elderly population who are susceptible to fragility fractures, we are committed to mitigate the burden of fragility fracture with improved quality of life under the umbrella of Indian Fragility fracture network. We urge all the stake holders belonging to different specialities to join hands to put these patients on the path of optimal health, recovery and secondary fracture prevention.

Under the banner of IFFN we encourage teaching, training and research to deliver a comprehensive service to our own community. IFFN also aim to influence and bring together various stakeholders from governmental and non-governmental organizations to strengthen the existing infrastructure, policy making, SOP designing, capacity building, potential protocols preparation and expansion through community outreach programmes across the country in an exponential and effective manner.

Board Members

Fall Prevention & Balance Tools (SAATHI-SAHARA)

State of the art “GAIT lab”

Phone Number:+91-265-843-22

phone Number:91-265-847-01

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